Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm tackling this stuff all out of order, but Harvey AKA The Boost Creep said he suspects my boost/rich problem was due to the cats that I had in the car, so I took it back to my friend (Andrew at AR Design) to put a 3.5" resonator in. Now I have a catted section and a section with a resonator so the car won't wake all my neighbors. Yay.

While they were at it, they also fabricated a custom coolant reservoir. If you don't remember what I had before, here's a pic:
And here's what they put together for me...

He's going to make up several of them, so if anyone is interested, lemme know.

Aaaaand while we were at it...

With the AEM, I was able to eliminate the MAF and put in an AEM air temp sensor. Made the charge pipe two pieces and I'm going to have it powdercoated wrinkle black. All of these pics are just mock-ups, nothing is really finished. I'll take better pictures when it's finished. First I need to replace more of the coolant, oil and fuel lines with braided hose and AN fittings.

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