Friday, November 11, 2011


Not such a sleeper when it's so loud that your neighbors come out of their house to see what all the noise is. I can't wait to change out the exhaust.

The car is currently sitting at The Boost Creep/Harvey's shop waiting for its new standalone and MAP sensor. For whatever reason, it had two MAP sensors, both hooked up. One aftermarket, and one OEM (installed upside down). The wire for one of them was shorting to the wire for the throttle position sensor and causing some funky readings, so rather than spending the day tuning, like we had originally planned, we spent the day cleaning up the rat's nest of wiring around the ECU to prevent further problems.

My friend loaned me his camera to take pictures, but he didn't loan me the card reader, so those will have come next week, along with the dyno graphs. I'm also waiting on the guys at TXS to send me the dyno graphs from April when they tuned it. Lotta waiting ITT.

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