Friday, November 11, 2011


Crossed a few more things off my list this afternoon:

-Installed washer tank. Front washer nozzles are working now. The rears aren't. Going to have to look into that at a later date.
-Replaced the cracked roof spoiler with a good one.
-Removed the Utec map switch and installed a new blank button in its place.
-Replaced firewall trim strip that was torn and hanging loose.
-Cleaned up more wiring under the dash.
-Diagnosed my ABS light (missing fuse...yay for easy fixes).
-Started to look into my inop keyless entry issue.

Still to do:

-Inspect the vehicle speed sensor and figure out why the speedo intermittently drops out.
-Remove the cluster and figure out why the trip reset button doesn't work.
-Remove the TXS knock light.
-Figure out a better way to mount my boost controller so there's no more gaping hole in my dash.
-Replace the scratched center vents and dash trim.
-Replace AC condenser.

And on and on and on...

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