Friday, November 11, 2011


Still to do:

-Inspect the vehicle speed sensor and figure out why the speedo intermittently drops out.
-Remove the cluster and figure out why the trip reset button doesn't work.
-Remove the TXS knock light.

-Figure out a better way to mount my boost controller so there's no more gaping hole in my dash.
-Replace the scratched center vents and dash trim.
-Replace AC condenser.

And on and on and on...

The bolded ones are done.

The wiring in the dash wasn't so bad. It's more or less done. Keyless entry is working (swapped in the control unit from the parts car and now it works). Replaced the dented right front door outer handle. Replaced a bunch of clips and miscellaneous pieces that were broken. Still need to order a couple of things for it though - mainly the clips that hold the washer lines to the hood. And need to figure out why my rear washer nozzle doesn't work too.

I'd post pictures, but the pictures I took really don't show much. Unless you want to see my door handle. That sounds dirty. The car is getting closer and closer to being finished.

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