Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bad news.

I was really hoping that the blue smoke coming from the new car would be something easy. A bad turbo, or even a bad PCV valve. It seemed to be running okay, aside from the occasional flicker of the check engine light, and it wasn't making any unusual noises.

Wednesday night, I had a dream that I did a compression test on it, and the left front cylinder had no compression (that's normal, right?). Thursday was my day off, so I pulled the turbo and found a ton of oil in the intake and intercooler. The turbo inlet hose was soft and eroded from all of the oil. The turbo had no shaft play whatsoever and I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Bad sign. I pulled the plugs on the passenger side and everything looked okay, both cylinders passed the compression test with flying colors. There was hope. Pulled the plugs on the drivers side, and found this...

Left rear cylinder wasn't looking too pretty. Checked the compression, and...

Nada. Damnit.

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