Friday, March 9, 2012

Victory is mine!

I've been slacking on the updates and pictures, but it's been a crazy week! Did a clutch on a BMW and one on an STi, AND worked a normal 40 hour week. Yikes.

After a week or so of battling the stupid turbo install with no success, I FINALLY figured out what the problem was (not that I ever mentioned the problem on here...because I'm a slacker). I was having trouble getting the turbo lined up with the turbo inlet because the coolant lines kept hitting the bellhousing. I fought it and fought it and tried installing the old turbo and that wouldn't fit either, and I finally gave in and bought a new uppipe. The flex joint on the old BPM uppipe that came with the car was worn out and somewhat collapsed so the turbo was sitting too low.

Of course after buying a new TurboXS flex uppipe, I found TWO spares in the back of my sister's car that I had completely forgotten about. One aftermarket non-flex and one stocker.  Uppipe, anyone? I give you special price. 

Anyway, I got the turbo in, filled fluids, finished removing the POS aftermarket alarm and associated wiring, and...dundundun...

Still gotta tighten up the power steering belt 'cause it's squealing, then it should be ready to go up to Harvey for its break-in tune. I drove it about 4 miles last night, and HOLY CRAP, it needs suspension. The coilovers knock and clunk like they're loose, but they aren't. That's definitely going to be a priority.

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