Thursday, December 1, 2011

Procrastinating is bad, mmkay?

Should have updated last night...but I didn't. Hah.

Injectors are in, but I procrastinated that "one last thing" that the car needed (coolant line from turbo) and discovered that I hadn't done the oil drain line either, and also discovered that I couldn't really do either one without pulling the turbo, so...I had to reschedule my tuning.

On the bright side, it's snowing like crazy today, so I probably would have had to reschedule it anyway. On the not so bright side, this is why you don't procrastinate, kids.

Going to do those two lines today, and finish mounting the boost controller. Hopefully tuning will happen within the next two weeks, but I work retail and this is our busy season, so I don't get a whole lot of time off.

I'll post pics of the boost controller bracket later. Maybe.

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